McCain's Jukebox Stutters Again

After 'Obama Love' Debacle, SFS Plays GOP Music Supervisor

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We wouldn't exactly call this an ideological repudiation, but John McCain got a slap in the face from the Warner Music Group yesterday for his "Obama Love" ad, which featured Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." It appears that no one ever cleared the rights to use this song, and the McCain team was forced to hastily replace the track with some soupy elevator tune that sounds ripped from some consumer-grade family home video soundtrack disc.

There's really no word from Frankie Valli himself -- yes, he's alive and tours -- so this incident may not be the same as when McCain's favorite group, ABBA, "went berserk" (his words) when he began to use their song "Take a Chance on Me" as a rallying anthem. Ditto John Mellencamp, and, as Newsweek points out, even when the McCain camp found they could play "Johnny B. Goode" without complaint, Chuck Berry came out in support of Obama.

So the dude really can't catch a break, and we honestly feel a little bad for him, mostly cause our Grampy loves ABBA too. Luckily, conservative entertainment site Hollywood Politics has done all the legwork for us and dug up some reliably red -- as in Republican, not communist, silly! -- rock stars that he can use in his future soundtracks. Because McCain is looking to leave behind the Bush legacy, we're skipping all the obvious country yokels who would probably drop their spurs to support him.

Our top recommendation would be Blues Traveler, whose lead singer/guitarist/harmonician John Popper reportedly describes himself as "a libertarian who is a Republican when pushed," and he performed "The Star Spangled Banner" at Jeb Bush's inauguration. In the Bush administration, these kinds of credentials would qualify him to be a federal prosecutor.

Then there's Kiss. CBS's "Jingles" judge Gene Simmons doesn't care for war protesters and has a hardcore crush on Condoleezza Rice. Plus "Love Gun" would aptly describe McCain's Iraq policy:

Finally, if John McCain really wants to energize the kids, he should rock "Problem Child," by old-skool hip-hoppers 3rd Bass, which could become his "maverick" anthem. According to Hollywood Politics, lyricist Pete Nice "counts himself as one of the most hip-hop members of the Republican Party."

If all else fails, there's always the Singing Senators, who are about due for a reunion.

[Via Newsweek]

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