McDonald's Asks Aspiring Musicians to Bring Their Own Special Sauce

Consumer-Generated Song, Video Contest Elicits New Big Mac Chants for Upcoming TV Spot

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The Procession - Big Mac Chant

So, apparently not everyone is happy with their Happy Meals. But, while Devo won't be donning an "energy dome" for McDonald's anytime soon, there's plenty of beef enthusiasts who would gladly take their place.

To rejuvenate the Big Mac brand, the Golden Arches has resurrected the classic "Two all beef patties, special sauce ... " chant, and it's hoping you will bring your own special sauce. The mouth-full slogan is "something that many of us grew up with," McDonald's U.S. CMO Neil Golden recently told Ad Age reporter Emily York, "but it's a great way to capture the fun and the personality of Big Mac and the brand, so we're very excited."

The company's current TV campaign by DDB features a slicker version of the free-form poem, along with "Pop-Up Video"-style messages telling viewers to check out a MySpace microsite. To get consumer's juices flowing, McDonald's got R&B singer Christina Milian to record her own sassy take for the web, and other, lesser-known, acts like samba group Upground and pop-punk band Verona Groove hit the studios to maximize the genre-diversity. Our pick is The Procession's Moogy rendition (above), which sounds like something SFS might have recorded with our buddies in high school.

Visitors to the Big Mac Chant-Off will get a chance to vote yay or nay to every submission, and -- after a panel of judges vets the top choices -- the winner will have his/her/their take on the chant featured in a TV spot.

Unfortunately, we fear that our current fave will get the boot during this middle step. Rhy, who displays some of the bizarre slow-mo phrasing of Lil Wayne, probably has the catchiest, most radio-worthy of the lot, but songs like "Make Ya Bitch Wet" on his page will probably get him disqualified. Rhy is currently the third-highest ranked of the jingles, and his song was just added this morning.

One can only imagine how difficult it must be to sort out the special sauce from the Thousand Island dressing, if you know what we mean. There's evidently been some rejected entries like this:

However, if the American version of the contest is anywhere as good as the Asian one, there will be plenty of gold coming our way.

Although we're not sure whether to be heartened or horrified by this one:

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