Minor Chords: 12-5-07

Common and Lincoln Get It Right

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  • From Ad Age: Over at our sister blog, The Big Tent, Carol Watson penned a great entry about what it takes to truly integrate a music spokesperson into your campaign. With Lincoln and rapper Common, his music, hometown, books and charity were all taken into account, while Mary J. Blige's Tahoe ads weren't as seamless.
    [The Big Tent]

  • The Orchard named David Hazan head of branded entertainment yesterday. He was formerly senior vice president of US Concepts, an event marketing agency and has held executive positions at Warner Music Group, MTV Networks, and Wind-up Records. [Business Wire]

  • Finally, Frank Sinatra will get the recognition he deserves! The U.S. Postal Service will release a postage stamp with his mug next spring. [PR Newswire]

  • TiVo already offers Rhapsody music subscription play and Live 365 web radio on its DVRs, but now Music Choice's network of music videos will be available for on-demand viewing. [Press Release]

  • The Black Eyed Peas have designed one of 17 planned Rock Star Suites for the new Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, Calif. Everything from the rugs to the sheets was picked by the group, and the suite will run $5,000 a night. [Billboard.biz] [Press Release]

  • Tom Petty on selling out to the man: "When someone offers you $10 million and you pass on it, you do think about it a little bit. I go, 'God, would anyone have cared?' I care. It will bother me, is the problem. It's like I say: If you couldn't feed your family and someone offers you that, you would take it. I'm in a good position where I'm not hard up for bread so I can say no, but it does make you think." [Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Daily Blog]
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