Minor Chords: 50 Cent, Truckless, Now Hitchhiking With the Rest of Us Bums

Plus How to Get Mims, Musiq Soulchild to DJ Your Ride, if You Still Own One

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  • GM has canceled production of 50 Cent's Pontiac G8 truck. Apparently consumers aren't looking for an El Camino-style six-foot bed in a truck these days. When will Detroit follow Ford's lead and realize self-parking features are what will put them out of this mess!? [NME]

  • How'd you like a virtual Musiq Soulchild to remind you how bad your musical tastes are? How about while you're driving? Gracenote, Voxonic, Atlantic Records and Nissan have teamed up for an in-car entertainment system that lets you pick musicians to guide you through your music collection. It's voice activated and sounds like you can try to make Mims repeat "Jamiroquai" back to you and even suggest other embarrassing artists/songs in your collection that sound like it. One can also get dynamic content like news delivered to one's car and read aloud by a celebrity voice. [PR Newswire]

  • A Hyundai spot set to air during the Super Bowl will feature a soundtrack by Yo-Yo Ma, and some portion, possibly the cello piece itself, will be remixable online. Consider us flabbergasted. [Reuters]
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