Minor Chords: August 18, 2008

What Were Nike's Intentions With Its Marvin Gaye Olympic Spot?

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  • The New York Times sheds a little light on McCain's "Running on Empty"-gate, and the presumptive Republican nominee may have his party to blame. Back in my day, we elected candidates before we started letting them pass the buck. [NYTimes]

  • Vibe blogger Mark Anthony Neal says that Nike's use of Marvin Gaye's national anthem performance in an Olympic TV spot is an "explicit comment on the hegemony of basketball, black music and their products in the world." The H-word always confuses us, but his argument that the ad "silences" and "denies" black struggles really throws us off. Please help us understand. [Vibe]

  • Master P. (nee Percy Miller) is launching his own "family-friendly" cable alternative to BET called Better Black Television. Denzel Washington, Will Smith and super-legit hip-hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc are on the board. This, on the other hand, we totally get. [B&C]

  • Paste Magazine has rounded up the top 10 songs heard in Olympic ads, and the author puts the Gaye/Nike spot at No. 1. We should have thought of a list like this. Also: The Decemberists are in an AT&T spot. [Paste]

  • The Jonas Brothers may be worth a billion dollars to Disney. I, on the other hand, have learned to enjoy Budweiser during the current fiscal downturn. [Portfolio]

  • Nice package over at Forbes on the hip-hop industry. Money quote from Crunk!!! Juice partner Tom Mahlke: "[Lil Jon] said, 'No, that's not enough. We've got to punctuate this thing. If you're going to get crunk, you've got to get crunk!!!' So that's how the three exclamation points found their way onto the back of the word." [Forbes]

  • Lastly, my little panel at Bandwidth on Friday got a little love from our new friends at Hypebot! [Hypebot]
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