Minor Chords: July 31, 2008

Denny's Fills Our Arteries With Rock, Alicia Keys Sponsored by Philip Morris in Indonesia

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  • Idolator checks out rock-band-created dishes from Denny's* (where was SFS's invite, people!?), and most sound trauma-inducing. However, we'll take the Plain White Shake, which is packed full of vanilla ice cream, cheesecake and white chocolate, topped off with graham cracker shavings and a sense of well-being. [Idolator]

  • Although tobacco companies aren't allowed to use their brands to sponsor concerts in America, it's legal in places like Indonesia. However, after a protest by the Washington D.C. group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a Philip Morris subsidiary supporting an Alicia Keys performance in Jakarta agreed to drop its name from promotional materials. [Reuters]

  • If you had high hopes that Ne-Yo's rendition of the Big Red jingle would come anywhere near Chris Brown's, then I feel for you, dawg. ... Psyche! But maybe you'll be happier with his New Kids on the Block collaboration. ... fooled you twice; shame on you this time. [Idolator and Bwe.tv]

  • Speaking of Wrigley, Gawker is demanding a full-scale boycott of Chris Brown's covert Doublemint jingle. [Gawker]

  • Taylor Swift is endorsing P&G's Venus Embrace razor and they've crowned her ... "Goddess of Summer." As part of her royal duties, she's doling out beauty advice like (honest to god): Wear summer dresses and shave your legs. [Press release]

    * Amusing disclosures/bragging rights: 1. My grandfather was chairman of the board of Denny's up until his death in 2004. 2. My high school band used to open for Plain White T's back in the Chicago suburbs; they played backyards with us and still had no problems with girls.
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