Minor Chords: June 26, 2008

Armani Exchange Expands Record Label, and Adam Green Is 'Willing to Be a Whore'

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  • Armani Exchange has announced its intentions to sign new dance acts to its relatively limited music label. In the past, the brand has issued several dance-electronic compilations, hosted in-store DJs and sponsored tours, and now, according to the New York Post, AX wants to have four house-music DJs producing material exclusively for them by next spring. The artists are also expected to collaborate on merchandise design. [NY Post]

  • Puma Fragrances has signed a deal with British download store 7digital to feature tracks from 13 unsigned bands on its website. Shoppers at Puma's site will be able to score the tracks, and the top pick may be featured in a Europe-wide TV campaign for a new fragrance line. [Billboard.biz]

  • Tonight, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz will open a new Chicago location for his Angels & Kings bar to complement the one in NYC. He already has a Clandestine Industries retail location in his hometown, and his bar in the River North section of the Windy City is intended to be a continuation of the experience. A&K in Chicago has walls covered in musician mugshots, and you can order a Fall Out Bomb that has an energy drink, Sprite and Grey Goose in it. [Chicago Tribune]

  • Former Moldy Peaches member Adam Green on selling his songs for movies and commercials: "My general philosophy about it is something Serge Gainsbourg once said, which is, 'I'm willing to be a whore so long as I get an orgasm.'" [Chartattack]
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