Minor Chords: November 13, 2008

P. Diddy Thinks He's Obama, Saved By Zero Is 'Herpes' and KFC Crowd Surfs

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  • Hubris: P. Diddy is hoping that some of Barack Obama's halo will shine on his new fragrance "I Am King." We wish some of Obama's humility could sprinkle down onto this Diddy's crown as well. [WSJ]

  • Saved by Zero: "Anyone who has been watching football or pretty much anything the past few weeks has obviously been exposed to what can only be considered the herpes of the advertising world. ... If you feel the need to cut your ears off with a plastic knife and then use it to stab that (expletive deleted) red zero that keeps moving on the commercial, join this group to express your pain." [Motley Fool]

  • Also: The Fixx, who originally wrote the song in the Toyota commercial, hates the ad as much as you do. We apparently don't watch enough TV to know what all the fuss is about. [Stereogum]

  • Coal again: The Hispanic push for JCPenney's holiday campaign will feature the song "El Cha Cha Cha de la Navidad" by Celia Cruz. We, on the other hand, get some mopey singer-songwritery slush. [Press Release, WSJ Video]

  • The plot thickens? Remember when everyone was all, "KFC in 'Guitar Hero'? Is Colonel Sanders gonna strum a chicken wing? Yuk yuk yuk!" Well, here's this rhythm-based crowd-surfing flash game that, if it doesn't answer some of your questions, will at least make you unbelievably dizzy. [Bands Brands Fans]

  • Too obvious: Travelocity will be working with RED to promote the distributor's "A Night In ..." series of international music compilations. Fans will be able to book travel through the series' website, and Travelocity.com will be included in online, outdoor and television ads. [Billboard.biz]
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