Minor Chords: September 17, 2008

Dre's Aftermath Cognac May Ignite Sparkling Vodka War to Rival J.P. Sousa's Bourbon Battle of 1905

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  • Did Dr. Dre nick the "sparkling vodka" idea from O2 Sparkling Vodka? The president of International English Distillers Ltd., owner of the latter spirit brand, has taken a swipe at Aftermath Cognac, saying, "My concern is that it isn't produced by our patented method and may well turn out to be a very poor imitation." Did Dre just get served? [Wooohah]

  • Save for a few hilariously bedecked bellhops, I have never noticed the outfits of hotel staff. But maybe that's cause I stay in flophouses, not W hotels, whose women employees are soon to receive threads custom-designed by Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B. clothing label. [Branded Entertainment News]

  • A blogger at PC World implies that Microsoft's partnership with McDonald's to give limited Wi-Fi access to Zune owners is bad branding. His argument mostly hinges on the disposable income of Starbucks/iPod patrons versus Microsoft/Zune patrons; please leave your flames after the beep. [PC World]

  • In a Brand Republic trend piece about (yet again) brands as music labels, Ric Salmon, managing director of consultancy Harvest Entertainment, says: "There is so much talk about the association of brands and bands, but the simple fact of the matter is that these deals are few and far between." He obviously doesn't read this blog. [Brand Republic]

  • Writer/director Mike Hodgkinson shot a music video for LA shoegazey band Eskimohunter entirely on Nseries smartphones. He says of the shoot for "Surfing at 32ºF": "I've taken Nseries devices underwater, attached them to helium balloons and dangled them 100 feet above the Los Angeles River ... and I've never lost a shot." [Finchannel.com]
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