Of Montreal Shakes Hands With the Man

Lead Singer Defends T-Mobile Spot and Music Licensing Deals

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Artist: Of Montreal
Song: "Gronlandic Edit"
Marketer: T-Mobile
Purchase: Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? - Gronlandic Edit
Not long after Band of Horses spurned Wal-Mart's advances, fellow indie darlings Of Montreal have fallen in love all over again with capitalism.

On Thursday, lead singer/creative force Kevin Barnes penned a well-taken -- if slightly reaching -- marketing manifesto for music blog Stereogum, seemingly pre-empting criticism of the band's involvement in the new T-Mobile ad that would run during the irrelevant "American Music Awards."
Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes in the new T-Moible spot
Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes in the new T-Moible spot
However, most viewers were probably texting in their Papa John's orders or taking a bathroom break when the band appeared on prime-time TV Sunday, sitting around a hotel room in feathers and Ziggy Stardust-caliber facepaint as an unctuous A&R "insider" plotted their "reunion tour."

The joke is that, after 10 years and many incarnations, Of Montreal has never broken up, but their handler is so far ahead in time with his Sidekick LX that he's got a date already booked in Düsseldorf. Har har. But the spot is some unusually good mutual promotion, because the band manages to get their name dropped and there's a sample of the bubbly dance number "Gronlandic Edit" at the end (video below). Ladies and gentlemen, this is post-punk capitalism.

According to Pitchfork, hip Brit rockers Art Brut have a similar T-Mobile spot in the works.
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