This Isn't Moulin Rouge, and Marilyn Manson Should Never Be Pouring Your Drinks

Goth Singer's Signature Absinthe Disappoints Epicurious

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Apparently Mansinthe, Marilyn Manson's signature absinthe, tastes like "Yuck. Sour + bitter" and smells like "sewage water or swamp mud." somehow got a hold of a bottle -- importing the stuff from Switzerland, where it's made, is technically illegal -- and subjected their taste testers to its noxious delights. The verdict: not pretty.

But if you thought they had a hard time swallowing the stuff, try searching for the "Mansinthe" site. Even Google chokes on it, saying "visiting this web site may harm your computer!" and flagging it for malicious code.

Maybe the absinthe really is "poison," but Songs for Soap hasn't been mailed a case -- yet! We don't blame the guy for attaching his name/art to this stuff. With the falling dollar and everything, Nazi coat hangers and masks made of human skin have gotten crazy expensive.

[Via The Daily Swarm]
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