Music-Branding Love From Those In the Know

Execs From GlaxoSmithKline and Human Worldwide Offer Advice

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Someone (Jenny Rooney) in our CMO Strategy section loves me this week:
  • GlaxoSmithKline's Donna Sturgess explains the special connection with consumers that sound can foster and how one can create an aural signature for a brand:

    "From a brand perspective, there was a time when a commercial wasn't considered good unless it had a jingle. Today, there are hardly any jingles. Yet their power is proved by the fact that most of us can quickly recall one from memory even though we have not heard it for years."

  • Marc Altshuler from Human Worldwide (an advertising-music house) relates the story of Sprite's popular 'Pool' spot and the benefits of creating new pop songs for your ads:

    "So what's the next step for music in marketing campaigns? Well, for starters, creating tracks that aren't 'ad music' in any traditional sense. Imagine if music itself was the branded content. What if there was such a thing as 'branded music content' as opposed to music simply playing a supporting role to visuals in a spot or webisode?"
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