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Ad Festival Season Demonstrates Prominence of Music, Sonic Branding

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The advertising festival season -- in full swing for the past two months -- has seen an ever-increasing focus on music, says Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Group.

In a recent Billboard piece [sub. required], the prominent music supervisor highlights the importance of music at all the leading awards shows, ranging from The Clios to the Cannes Lions and all the shows in between, such as the AICP, the One Show, the Bessies, the 2008 AICE Awards Show, the Fab Awards and the ADDY Awards. In his column, Rabinowitz says these shows not only give awards to music-led creative, but they are also popular places for advertisers to discover new sounds.

This theme was echoed in USA Today, which last week reported from the Cannes Lions with a feature titled "Jingles out, cool songs in," which highlighted the importance of advertising to music publishers, labels and songwriters alike, and how music business executives were in attendance at the festival looking to drum up more business. The report went on to say: "Advertisers' appetite for hit music in ads, or songs composed to sound like hits, has largely sent the old hard-sell jingles, with campy music and product lyrics, the way of vinyl LPs."

This is leading to much higher levels of sophistication in the music selection process, with clients increasingly seeking to develop "sonic branding" guidelines that take on the same importance as brand identity and developing music strategies that drive how they leverage music in all forms of communication.
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