How Squeak E. Clean Makes It Work

N.A.S.A. Producer Tells Creativity How He Licenses Songs to Pay for His Records

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My colleague Jeff Beer over at our sister publication Creativity recently interviewed Sam Spiegel (aka Squeak E. Clean) about his new album and balancing the demands and benefits of commercial and personal music-making. Even if you don't care about his music -- reviews are all over the board on his most recent project -- it's a revealing look at a musician who's woven together personal ambitions and business savvy while still being able to distinguish between the two.

You may have heard about Spiegel recently because of his new collaboration with DJ Zegon under the name N.A.S.A. for "The Spirit of Apollo," which features high-profile collaborations with everyone from Tom Waits to Kanye West. But you've probably heard his work long before as well; Spiegel and his creative team have composed commercial music for Nike, Ford, Panasonic, umm... the New York Stock Exchange (!) and many many others over the years.

Read the whole thing to learn about how Spiegel has figured out how to make it all come together and how he licenses tracks before they're even completed.

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