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SFS Exclusive: First Made-Up In-Game Shots of KFC Integrations

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More than six decades ago, Colonel Harland Sanders rocked the world with his now famous finger-lickin' Original Recipe(R). Today, KFC is creating another original hit with a branded integration and promotional giveaways surrounding America's most anticipated video game launch.
Yes, we're talking about "Guitar Hero World Tour," which, according to KFC's announcement today, will feature integrations with the fast feeder. During the promotion, patrons who purchase a 32-ounce beverage will receive a limited-edition "GHWT" cup and will receive special codes to unlock parts of the game. There will also be "innovative branded cameos" within the game, but a rep for KFC would not divulge to SFS exactly what these may entail, nor were we given pictures.

However, through some journalistic chutzpah* we were able to get some in-game shots from an operative within Activision, and now, with a world exclusive, we present a couple of the places you'll see KFC in the game:

On the Rock the Carnival Tour, when gamers are performing "When Your Heart Stops Beating" by +44, Colonel Sanders can be seen singing with his backup girls, The Famous Bowls.

When players enter the codes found on their cups, they unlock the roadie's secret stash of wings, which can be brought onstage for a mid-game power boost.

* We made them up and spliced them together in Photoshop, duh.

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