No 'Norwegian Wood' on These Walls

First Beatles Hotel Pulls Out All -- Maybe Too Many -- Stops

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The Paul McCartney Suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel
The Paul McCartney Suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel
Ten years and £20 million later, the Hard Days Night Hotel, the world's first Beatles-themed hotel, is now set to open in Liverpool. For £120-£650 a night, one can enjoy Beatles ambiance, mediocre artwork, Beatles videos piped into your room and even a Buddha-themed bar that approximates something of their Maharishi period (close enough, I guess).

From The Times Online:
When the doors open on February 1 guests will be greeted by four statues of the Beatles over the cathedral-like arched main door. A gold banister lined staircase leads up to the Brasserie and reception, where hundreds of sheets of Beatles' music hang from the ceiling and a frieze of black and white stills of the Fab Four runs like a film reel across the top of the entrance wall.

The lobby's star feature, however, is a bright Yellow Submarine jukebox, apparently one of only 1,000 in existence. And, you've guessed it, Beatles music plays night and day throughout the hotel.
The real deal-breaker for me is whether I can pad down to the dining room in my Mean Mr. Mustard jammies so people in Beatles costumes sign my autograph book and serve John Lennon-shaped flapjacks to me and my parents.

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