Oakenfold Taps Modernista for 2008 Tour Visuals

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Start sterilizing those pacifiers kids, because Modernista is ready to send you on a house-music mind-trip. The general ad agency -- who is also involved with Newsweek's BusinessWeek's redesign and other non-ad related projects -- has created a "visual journey through natural elements" for electronic musician Paul Oakenfold's current world tour.

These days, plenty of ad agencies are putting their visual and branding expertise towards music videos, and some may remember Modernista's previous work on the video for U2's "Window in the Skies", which featured a montage of iconic musicians appearing to sing along with Bono's lyrics. When Oakenfold's executive producer Giles Clarke bumped into Modernista Co-founder and Exec Creative Director Gary Koepke a year ago, the two struck up a conversation about the video and eventually came to the idea of refreshing Oakenfold's visuals on the 2008 tour.

The portion of the visuals included here features the model Jaunel Mckenzie and is set to "Iguazu," composed by Gustavo A. Santaolalla and featured in the 1999 film "The Insider." As the flamenco-flicked chords roll by, so does a herd of butterflies and a shower of geometrcial shards in millions of colors. It's quite a bit more involved than your stock iTunes visualizer.

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Contributing: Rupal Parekh

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