America's Next Top Porno-Soundtrack Artist

Online Sex Shop Liberator Launches Monthly Music Showcase

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Liberator Music
Music is an idiosyncratic thing, but there's pretty much one genre that everyone can get behind, and that's porno soundtracks. Am I right or am I right?

Sex shop Liberator has begun a monthly contest for aspiring songwriters called Liberator Music, and they're looking for material that conveys "intimacy and passion around love and relationships." Your work doesn't have to fit any genre, per se, but if there's not a muted brass section or a lackadaisical bassline, what's the point?

To get an idea of what they're looking for, check out the first winner: 25-year-old Mark Bonder, who's got the requisite brass elements in tow for his song "Stay a While," which attacks the porno soundtrack from a New Age direction and features whispered lines like "take me tonight / to paradise." This song is pretty much what you'd expect, and we're excited to see what other earthly delights spring from this well in the coming months.

Should go without saying that this is fairly NSFW.

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