Is This Pepsi Generation Musically Void?

New TBWA Spot Makes Us Wonder What Music We'll Be Nostalgic About One Day

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Pepsi has been rolling out its new logo into happy-go-lucky spots lately, but this weekend the cola company revealed a slightly different proposition with new creative and a new tagline: "Every generation refreshes the world."

The new spot to accompany it features the classic Who jam "My Generation" arranged for a montage of American culture and music throughout the 20th century. It begins with a sepia-toned bar scene and the track ragtimed up and then proceeds seamlessly through swing, early rock n' roll, a bit of psychedelia, the original 1965 rendition, synthy disco, a bit of early hip-hop and then back. Upon the first few listens, it seems agency TBWA kept the rhythm section from scene-to-scene while switching up the melodies with historically symbolic instruments and styles.

It's a cute, mostly non-cheesy way to draw some sort of line back to Pepsi's beginnings, although it left us wondering why the generations ended by crowd-surfing through early '90s grunge. We're not sure if this was an oversight or they, like us, need a bit of hindsight to see what kind of popular music the '00s will be remembered for -- and maybe they haven't really been that memorable in the first place. We're genuinely stumped, but please god, do not let it become the decade of the Jonas Brothers.

Our colleague Natalie Zmuda has more on Pepsi's strategy with this spot.

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