Perez Hilton Vows to Do 'Whatever It Takes' to Save Music Biz

Blogger Celebrity Lavandeira to Save Tanking CD Sales With 'Cool Partnerships'

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For his part, [Mario] Lavandeira thinks his skill set extends far beyond mere promotion and surprisingly attuned ears. "I wanna get people to buy music again," he says. "Maybe I'll give CDs away for five bucks, or create interesting partnerships with companies. Look at what that Apple ad did for Feist. We'll do cool partnerships with Wal-Mart or Target. Whatever it takes."
Finally, someone like Perez Hilton is willing to do whatever it takes to save the music industry! If only someone had the audacity to try discounting CDs or placing songs in ads or partnering bands with companies before, kids would still be buying CDs. But if you're still not sure this scrappy player from the blogosphere has the grit and know-how to get the job done, he offers this refreshing mission statement for his yet-unnamed imprint at Warner Bros.: "It's gonna be the good kind of label."

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