Pharrell Williams' Golden Guardian Angel

Hip-Hop Magnate's Louis Vitton Collection Features a Cherub, New N.E.R.D. Track

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Pharrell's angel ring
Pharrell's angel ring
Pharrell Williams -- of N.E.R.D. fame and influential hip-hop production prowess -- has finally unveiled his Louis Vitton jewelry collection, which he says is inspired by "the music universe." Whatever works for you, dude!

I'm not sure what he's been listening to lately ("Tears in Heaven" ?), but the Blason collection -- designed with Camille Miceli and supervised by Marc Jacobs -- includes a gold ring with a diamond-wielding cherub attached to it. That and various other pieces, like a reversible diamond ring, range from $2,000 to $621,000.

But I'm no expert on fashion. Pharrell, with his sharp Billionaire Boys Club clothing label, is. He summoned that and all of the rest of his taste-making talents to make this collection happen, including a promo video in which he and his design partner Miceli both star. He also used it as a chance to debut a new N.E.R.D. track, "Everyone Nose," a dense, funky track that's equal parts piano ballad and chopped up electro-samba. In short, it's some of the best stuff he's ever made.

[Via ProHipHop]
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