Your Phone Is a Mot�rhead Fan Too

AT&T Stresses More Bars in More Bars in New Campaign

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Metalheads: (the new) AT&T has you covered. As part of a new push to prove its network beats out Verizon's, the telecom giant is employing anthropomorphisized cellphones (or vice versa?) to tell the sad stories of people who missed calls, and, in the process, life. While two of the three spots focus on common denominator pastimes like NCAA basketball and teenage makeout sessions, one spot in particular features a denim-vest-wearing Mot�rhead fan who misses out on tickets.

As Ronnie plays air guitar on a pool cue, his cellular doppelg�nger explains that a buddy has called 30 times with tickets to a show by the Grammy-winning English metal band. But, because he's goofing off in a dive bar with some non-A&T carrier in his pocket, he misses out and is left singing "Ace of Spades" like a "dillweed."

Consumers aren't so sure, though, that Ronnie is a "dillweed." AT&T has a ways to go before they can improve quality perceptions. From Ad Age:
Consumer Reports senior editor Jeff Blyskal said that for the past six years the organization's reader surveys put Verizon Wireless at the head of the pack in overall performance, based on factors including connection, customer service, dropped calls, sound quality and static. In 20 U.S. markets, Verizon Wireless, and sometimes Alltel or T-Mobile, led the pack. In major cities such as Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, AT&T trailed Verizon Wireless, though the two wireless giants were in a statistical tie in New York.
But the story has a happy ending. Mot�rhead are currently at work on a new album in the studio of Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, and will most likely tour in North America to support it (they're in Europe this summer), giving this service-addled dork another chance.

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