Radiohead 'Skins' UK Drama Spot

Top-Selling Band Lends Song to Salacious Teen Show

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Artist: Radiohead
Song: "Nude"
Marketer: Apple
Production: E4 Creative Services
While we're left here without new episodes of "Two and a Half Men," the Brits have a TV show that's actually worth waiting for: the teen drama "Skins." With a character who simultaneously fakes a pregnancy while stealing a wedding dress and real-life fans who throw debauched, house-trashing 'Skins' parties, it makes "Gossip Girl" look like "The Price Is Right."

A new season begins this February, and to get viewers pumped, E4 created this decadent, claustrophobic promo set to a new Radiohead song.

Now that the band is sitting atop the UK charts with "In Rainbows," the timing couldn't have been better. And neither could the song choice. "Nude" is an ethereal, cinematic slow burner that almost makes the orgy, death, candied noses and wanton destruction seem graceful. Visually, it really is. And, for worried parents, all the slipping tiles and tears drive home the point that this is all about to end.

Thom Yorke's trademark cooing and the sweeping strings work beautifully together to cement the coming doom, and I don't just mean when the cops show up. The season two finale is supposedly titled "the last episode," which means that pretty soon we can expect a watered-down American version with a Snow Patrol soundtrack.
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