Rascal Flatts Promotes The Rubik's Cube for Dumb People

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Back when I was a kid, there was a game that everyone hated. It was called the Rubik's Cube. It was the gift you received for Christmas from a misguided relative that you stared at and twisted for about five minutes before throwing it at your kid sister. But, like all bad things in the eighties, it mercifully disappeared in the nineties. And then again, like all bad things in the eighties, it came back in the aught-aughts, where it has now morphed into the Rubik's Revolution.

This new game involves batteries, and instead of thinking and strategizing, one looks for flashing lights. Which sort of explains why Rascal Flatts is now promoting it.

From a press release: "Rubik's Revolution is all about speed, especially the Light Speed game on the blue side," says Joe Don Rooney, Rascal Flatts.
"There are times when I just can't put it down! And the online Light Speed game is just as addicting."

The band has exclusive rights to host the Rubik's Revolution(TM) Light Speed(TM) online game on their site, and they're giving away 100 of the actual games, along with a pair of concert tickets. The online game, the real draw, is already attracting high scores from players like "sex" who's currently in fifth place and "dmb" who's in ninth. No word on when "pms" or "but" will be entering the competition.

[Via Press Release]
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