... And Raucous for All: Skullcandy's Metallica Headphones

Metal Brand Brings 'Death Magnetic' Power Drivers to Fans Same Day as New Album

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Skullcandy's Metallica headphones
Most of us are comfortable with our pre-packaged white earbuds, but sleek modernism and conformity (even if it's all a matter of aesthetics) is not for everyone. That's why the Zune exists -- we think.

But for most of this outwardly non-conformist camp, that's like getting a bowl-cut cause everyone else is rocking a faux-hawk. Enter Skullcandy, a brand for rock fans who like their iPods but hardly ever wear white. The company makes headphones -- among other things -- in colors ranging from gold to Crayola yellow and yes, white, but that pair is called Full Metal Jacket.

The company also makes replaceable covers featuring logos for 20 Warped Tour bands that one can slap on his/her chunky ear cans, and now, building off that idea, Skullcandy is rolling out two different Metallica-branded headphones on September 12, the same day the band's "Death Magnetic" hits stores.

Skullcandy has smartly avoided mentioning that the "power drivers" that make these headphones (and most others) produce sound are, in fact, literal magnets. But, then again, maybe that element of perceived danger would have worked in their favor, considering these are metalheads they're marketing to.

Both pairs feature the band's logo, and the more expensive of the two has some sort of swirly yin-yang flaming skull pattern on the outside of each can in addition to the album title. Along with the purchase of either (at $49.95 and $69.95), customers will also get a "free" download of "Death Magnetic." We use scare quotes, because each of them has a premium built in on top of the price of the standard Skullcandy editions, ranging from $10 for the smaller pair to $20 for the larger.

The long-haired legions will hop all over these, but imagine the buyer's remorse if "Death Magnetic" turns out to be another turgid mess like "St. Anger." The Zune Guy may have some new friends to commiserate with.

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