'Real Love' Just in Time for Christmas

Curious Song Choice for Trip to Santa

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Artist: John Lennon
Song: "Real Love"
Marketer: JC Penney
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Purchase: John Lennon - Anthology - Real Love
Fox News columnist Roger Friedman is none-too-pleased, but Yoko Ono has licensed John Lennon's 1977 "Real Love" home recording to JC Penney.

The track helps to cast the commercial into some sort of dreary post-global-warming Christmas, where a little girl has to construct a rocket just to find some snow in the North Pole. Maybe she'll find that the polar ice caps have melted when she gets there, and Lennon's track embodies this sad hopefulness.

It's the most bizarre holiday ad I've ever seen, and it's hard to share this little girl's creepy enthusiasm for Santa as Lennon's sad piano chords plunk in the background. Maybe Saatchi and Saatchi should have saved this little number for the post-holiday blues, because it doesn't make me want to pick up a catalog for anything but pharmaceuticals from Canada.
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