All That Remains Are the Gamers

Metal Band Loans Track to Major League Gaming for Cross-Promotion

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For those of you just tuning in, this (to the left) is gamer porn. It's sort of like sporn, but without any literal (or even fictive) sex organs.

"Melodic metal" band All That Remains is hoping to get into the action by encouraging gamers to use one of the band's new tunes as the "bow-chika-wah-wah" soundtrack to run-and-gun silicon snuff films.

Starting today, Major League Gaming is offering the track "Chiron" as a DRM-free download. It's an exclusive peek at the new album "Overcome" by All That Remains, due a week from today, and, if all goes according to plan, you'll soon be hearing it set to user-generated in-game footage of "Halo 3" and at MLG Pro Circuit events; the "Halo 3" team Final Boss has picked it as its theme song.

Pairing metal -- even of the softer, "melodic" variety, as in this case -- with gaming is pretty much like leaving a cable guy alone with a bored housewife: it's a beautifully "duh" scenario. However, in the release announcing the cross-promotion, Razor & Tie Entertainment senior vice president, marketing, Michael Krumper, says it's deeper than a calculated strategy: "From the moment we brought Phil from All That Remains into the offices of Major League Gaming, it became clear that this was more than just two companies matching demographics to reach new consumers -- because Phil lives gaming the way he lives music, and knows just about everything there is to know about the field."

Instead of the typical 7-minute binges of eye-glazing carnage and bad acting, though, I'd like to besiege gamers to take this tune and shape it into a family-friendly song-and-dance routine like this:

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