Remembering the Days When You Could Use Hip-Hop to Sell White Bread

Touch Blog Compiles Some of the Most Bizarre Rap Commercials of the 1980s

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God bless the folks over at the Touch blog, who have compiled some of the most amazingly awkward rap-themed commercials of the '80s. Our favorites include all the Fruity Pebbles ones as well as the "Perfect Strangers" one where Balki completely drops his faux-Eastern-Bloc accent for his verses.

One can just imagine the creative meetings back in those halcyon days: "How do we get in touch with the kids!? We need our white bread to appeal to all the rhyming, slanging youth and their skateboards and slap bracelets and neon t-shirts. Oh, I know! We can turn our pitch into a 'rap!' It'll be like jelly, and the kids will eat it up!" Life must have been so stupidly, hilariously easy.

Do advertisers still have easy youth touchstones like that to fall back on today? Is it all reggaeton these days?

[Touch blog via ProHipHop]
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