Remembering the Days When St. Ides Was King

Soul Assassins Assembles Collection of Iconic Radio Ads for Malt Liquor Brand

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Colt 45 may have had Billy Dee Wiliams, but it was St. Ides that once marshaled some serious firepower in its ads. Nickelodeon was too prissy to show ads for malt liquor and by the time we figured out how to flip on a radio, it was only to sate our directionless teen angst. So we never got a chance to hear or see any of St. Ides' fabulous hip-hop ads, which the guys at Soul Assassins have lovingly collected into a downloadable album.

Apparently the 30 tracks in this zip file aren't even all of them (see above video with Dr. Dre), but some of the luminaries who dropped verses for Ides includes Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Wu Tang Clan and Ice Cube.

One of the most notable/questionable is called "Get Your Girl in the Mood Quicker," by King Tee and featuring Ice Cube (above), which ... um ... was actually played on the radio? Insane. Also check out "We Don't Want No Eight Ball," which, in classic hip-hop fashion, is a diss track for the other heavyweight of malt, Olde English 800.

The only things missing from the collection are the songs from the TV spots that once featured some of the best gangsta MCs, which, during the mid-90s, the now Pabst-owned brand once had a lock on:

And last, but not least, Elliott Smith (R.I.P.) even made his own, assumedly unpaid, contribution to the canon of St. Ides jingles with "St. Ides Heaven":

[Via Soul Assassins]
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