Rolling Stone Looks Back to Its Halcyon Days for Subscribers

Wenner Media Mag Partners With Macy's for Limited Edition T-Shirts

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We here around the SFS Newsroom aren't sure what to make of the Rolling Stone brand these days. Although the flagship Wenner Media pub still puts out some good writing and they've had consistently good political coverage in recent years, they feel too much like a dead-tree version of MTV for us to comprehend in our advanced age.

And it seems advertisers might be feeling a little unsure about who comprises the magazine's audience today, when a cover story about "The Hills" can be followed by one with The Eagles two weeks later. According to an April story from our sister/brother publication Crain's New York Business, RS' ad pages were down by a whopping third in the first quarter of the year, compared to the whole music-mag industry as a whole, which was down by 26 percent.

In trying times like these, brands often turn to nostalgia, hence Rolling Stone's new partnership with Macy's for a series of "limited edition" t-shirts. In addition to a few generic rock prints, the cotton $36 tees will feature famous covers with musicians like Kurt Cobain, The Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Jerry Garcia, Kid Rock (!?) and more.

Also tucked along with the shirts will be a complimentary subscription to Rolling Stone, which seems intended to cement the link between the magazine's storied past and its current desire to attract more advertisers by increasing its base of guaranteed readers.

[Press release (PDF)]
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