The Ruby Suns Shine Down on Microsoft

'Mojave Experiment' Finds a Voice Through Campfire Indie Pop

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Man, I wasn't really sold on this whole Microsoft "Mojave Experiment" until now. The blind taste-test method of a new pretty operating system is a lot like a new puppy: it's adorable and you just wanna rub its fur all up in your face and everything is beautiful and exhilarating and then you bring it home and it poops in your hat. But I'm willing to cut Redmond some slack because -- in addition to dropping the hidden reveal part -- they've made one of my favorite songs as of late, "Oh Mojave" by The Ruby Suns, the theme song for the campaign.

I'm at a total loss to explain the stylistic origins of this song except to say that it sounds like a giant squirt of happiness into one's ear. And a little bit like Animal Collective of course. It's also a pretty good warm-up for all the Christmas music we're trying not to listen to yet.

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