Salad Dressing for PBR Drinkers

Are Wishbone, Kraft Trying to Be the Hippest Thing Since Bacon Bits?

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Now that Wishbone is using "Bump" by Spank Rock, the Best Week Ever blog wonders whether salad dressing makers have found their perfect audience: hipsters.
Apparently, Wishbone's ad agency saw the commercial for Kraft salad dressing that used a version of the Flaming Lips' "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" and felt they had to stay competitive within the crucial demographic of indie rock nerds who also put a lot of dressing on their salads. It could be a coincidence, but two indie singles from 2006 sampled in the background of two separate salad dressing commercials in a two-month span?
It's a cute idea, but chances are it's a case of the nuts taking over the insane asylum -- in a good way, of course. It's just like how, odds are, no one was trying to target mustachioed surrealist painters in the 70s by putting Salvador Dali in chocolate commercials.

[Via The Best Week Ever blog]
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