Sears Uses Power Ballad to Draw Crucial Link Between Christmas, Election

Five for Fighting Song Wraps Together a Dense Web of Integrations

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Your SFS wrote an unprecedentedly bitter post about this Sears ad last night, but we thought better of it this morning, and after re-reading it, we asked ourselves, "What was up with that guy? He really hates Five for Fighting or something!" And so, not wanting to spoil Obama Day, soberer heads prevailed and here we are, trying again to restrain ourselves.

It's not often that a sync license is heralded with its own press release, but Columbia Records went through the trouble of not only telling us that the F3 song "World" would be featured in this Sears campaign, they also provided us with the lyrics!
Got a package full of wishes
A time machine, a magic wand
A globe made out of gold
No instructions or commandments

What kind of world do you want
Think anything
Let's start at the start
Build a masterpiece
Be careful what you wish for
History starts now
Let's clarify something: We hate this band. Like really really hate this band. But Sears' choice of this song here has a certain perverse genius to it -- perhaps the song inspired the concept? -- in that it ties together the holidays and the election. Tellingly, this spot premiered during "Extreme Home Makeover" on Tuesday, which, we are told, was also the night of a historic national election in these United States of America due to the arrival of fancy CNN "holograms" into the national discoarse.

We're pretty sure Sears knew what it was doing. For example, the line "History starts now" would normally sound nutty in a holiday ad had we not been primed with Hope that night. And speaking of hope, did you notice the young black male smiling while that very word flashes on the screen? Whether you see this as cheeky or subliminal -- we see the juxtaposition of Five for Fighting with Obama as outright sabotage -- I think we can all agree that Sears has ruined Christmas.

We kid! We're asking Santa for some more Craftsman tools this year, and this spot is really an amazing feat of integration, because, in addition to the holidays and politics, it also weaves in Sears' heavy involvement with "EHM," its high-profile spokeswoman Vanessa Hudgens and rapper LL Cool J, who has his own clothing line there. That's a lot of threads in one minute, and this song, although we loathe it with every fiber, kinda works, lyrically speaking.

Now that the national nightmare known as "the 2008 election" is over, LL and The Hudge need to work up an embarrassingly awesome cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" for the next spot, and all will be forgiven.
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