Smooth Move for Levolac Laxatives

Plan8's Quirky Track Gently Reflects Discomfort

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Leave it to clever Swedes to compare our tortured lives to painful bowel movements. In a Levolac laxatives spot with a hilariously apt metaphor, people are cramped together in everyday situations (you know, like picking berries) while the world carries on, oblivious to the Three Stooges-like torture they endure.

Unlike the singing Pepto ad, this may be the most thoughtfully constructed spot for tummy medicine I've ever seen, right down to the quirky soundtrack courtesy of Swedish music production house, Plan8. The off-beat keyboard melodies and swirling noises reinforce the tedium and pain, but in a somehow whimsical and entertaining way. And listen closely: there's an occasional gurgling/rumbling sample thrown in that sounds something like the creaking pangs of GI discomfort.

It's a perfectly cheeky track for this Bob Helsinki, Stockholm spot, which uses a rhyme to make its concept easier to digest: "Even if you're constipated / no need to feel ill-fated / It's so easy to do a poo / with Levolac helping you."
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