Snoop Dogg, Not Content to Sing Badly in English, Tackles German

Rapper Stars in Surreal Deutsch Commercial

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There are some things that are best when they're wholly misunderstood: safety locks on firearms, the cheeseburger in a can, where babies come from and echinacea all fall into this category. And now, a German (cellphone?) commercial featuring Snoop Dogg playing a '70s pop icon that busts out of a refrigerator and sings about porcupines to guy sitting with a turtle fits in nicely with these unknowable phenomena.

Snoop's German is nigh-unrecognizable as such, but here's one YouTube commenter's interpretation:
Schoen ist es auf der Welt zu sein.
Sagt die Biene zu dem Stachelschwein.
Du und ich wir stimmen ein,
schoen ist es auf der Welt zu sein.

In English:
It's nice to be in the world
that's what the bee says to the porcupine
you and me, we sing together
it's nice to be in the world.
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