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'Indie Act Seeks Backup Brand' Examines Partnerships and Licensing From Behind the Microphone

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If anyone noticed a strange lull in posts about two weeks ago, it was because I was in the middle of writing and wrangling for this story about music-branding.
Band seeks brand. Inquire within.
Band seeks brand. Inquire within. Credit: John Kuczala
Despite the headline, it's not really about "indie" acts per se, no matter how one defines that term these days. The goal was to examine the costs/perils of branding and licensing for any sort of musical act, especially in the midst of increasing market pressures to find non-traditional (i.e. not from recorded music) sources of revenues.

As long as bands are reaching out to companies for income, they need to examine what these partnerships say about them, because, as Jon Cohen says, the music is what really matters and partnerships should always reinforce, not detract from an artists' real draw.

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