Sony's Warming Up ... but Where's the Performance?

New Walkman Teaser Spot Introduces Novel Modern Composition

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This commercial requires some parsing to figure out, but stick with me: To promote Sony's Walkman line of mp3/video players in the U.K., Fallon has conscripted Peter Raeburn to create a 128-piece amateur orchestra.

The toy pianos, melodicas, electric guitars, drum kits and other instruments were arranged into an 'acoustic grid,' whereby each player was to play just one note. In the final, unreleased commercial, these notes, played in the correct order, will come together to form Raeburn's melody. And who said modern music compositions have no place in pop culture!?

Like the unveiling of the Bravia spots, Sony has chosen to keep us waiting for the whole thing, and, while it's unclear whether anyone besides myself cares about the finished product, it's a clever way to build anticipation. Watching the beautifully shot commercial (by music vid director Nick Gordon), one gets a feeling akin to the moments before the launch of an opera, with cellists tuning up, flutists nervously fingering fragments of melodies and an audience murmuring to distract themselves.

If only the electronics giant could create the same sort of dramatic tension before the release of its products, Apple might begin to feel anxious too.
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