This Soundtrack May Be Used As a Flotation Device

Air France's 'In the Air' Album Features Tracks From Boards of Canada, Jose Gonzalez

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Air France's cover for 'In the Air'
The next time you're waiting for group 11 to board and you're watching as passengers file by with boudoirs and coffins for the overhead baggage compartment, think about this: Had you flown Air France, you'd be listening to Boards of Canada right now.

The French airline is claiming to be the first to issue its own album, a killer in-flight soundtrack titled "In the Air" that's designed to emphasize "well-being and serenity." And no, this isn't some ponytailed-new-age-flamenco-Andean-flute nonsense.

Available now (even for us Amerrrrkins!) through iTunes for $9.99, the disc contains the three original tracks and features down-tempo electronic artists like the aforementioned Boards as well as Apparat, Telepopmusik, Tunng, Alpha and folksier offerings from Hope Sandoval and Jose Gonzalez. Even the Chemical Brothers offer a chilled-out track called "Asleep From Day." You can listen to almost half the disc at the air carrier's MySpace.

Air France has promised to play "In the Air" in its planes, which I'll be thinking about the next time I'm nervously sizing up the competition's luggage and fishing in my pockets for enough cash to get a pillow.

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