Stoute: Chris Brown Will Live Another Day

Translation CCO Says We'll Forgive, but Will Brand Deals Come Back?

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Ostensibly to promote his inclusion in Details' recent list of mavericks, Steve Stoute appeared on MSNBC last week to chat for a few minutes about how hip-hop has entered the mainstream and, of course, the future of Chris Brown's career.

In the interview, all parties sort of tip-toe around the subject, but Stoute, with Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging, was one of the engineers of Chris Brown's campaign with Doublemint last year, which imploded after, well, everyone knows the story by now. So Stoute's in a good position to say what brands should do in these situations, and he's surprisingly optimistic about Brown's chances for redemption.

Although one can perhaps see why he'd like to see Brown's reputation resuscitated, Stoute does cite some valid historical precedents for thinking our collective rage will eventually fade. We would have put Michael Jackson at the top of that list, too. It's entirely possible that Brown will live to record more successful R. Kelly-style R&B anthems in the future -- odd that Kelly is Brown's musical and scandal forebear, no? -- but we'll be absolutely flabbergasted if another mainstream marketer signs him on for a giant campaign in the next decade.

[Via Missinfo.TV]

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