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Hunter's Dry Cider Allegedly Uses Song in Ad Without Permission

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You have to listen closely, but those chopping synth lines and drumbeats are from The Streets' awesome track "Blinded by the Lights." The sample was chopped and diced into this remix for South Africa's Hunter's Dry Cider last year, allegedly without the approval of Streets frontman Mike Skinner, who composed the original track. Recently he found out it was still running and lashed out on his MySpace Blog.

As Skinner explains, he might have agreed to the placement had Hunter's sent him some samples of the beverage beforehand:
"I could not imagine the grief that my music was being used to represent a beverage that I didn't like the taste of. I'm hoping that one day I receive 10 palettes of silky sweet apple-based party lubricant that I can share with every person who enters my house for a year. Now that the Reebok trainers [Skinner endorsed the footwear range] have dried up, Example's got his Nando's deal, I want my South African cider affiliation."
We're not really sure about the copyright laws of South Africa, but Skinner's put an offer out to the company to make amends by helping him throw an "unprecedented case of cider giving away" at his upcoming gig sponsored by mobile company Blyk. They'd be wise to make a delivery.

Here's the original:

[via NME]
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