Swiffer Stole My Heart

P&G Asks for Consumer-Generated Breakup Videos

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A Swiffer YouTube Channel has been set up where "fans of the brand" are invited to create their own spots. The contest, called "Break Up With Your Old Cleaning Ways and Show Us Your Moves With a Swiffer," invites participants to create 60-second ads detailing their breakup with a mop, broom or feather duster. The heartbreaking tunes are being supplied by Warner Music.

The campaign follows an earlier Swiffer tie-in with Jessica Simpson and is part of a larger branding effort designed to make the household line seem fun. A panel of cleaning advisers and music professionals will choose the top ten videos, which will be posted on YouTube for the public to cast the deciding votes. The contest through February 19, and the winners will be announced on February 20. There will be additional prizes of music downloads and Swiffer products for five runners-up, and P&G will also give away a new "break up" song of the week to 1,000 users each week from January 9 to February 20.

This campaign ticks all the boxes: user-generated content, social networking, consumer interaction with the brand, free music and viral potential. Very cute idea, but the old skeptic in me at first couldn't help but see this as a bit of a forced fit to make a cleaning product "cool." Then I actually went on YouTube and discovered dozens of homemade Swiffer commercials already up there before the competition had even started. According to P&G, there are over 600 of them.
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