Taco Bell Steps Up to the Mic ... Again

Once Again, Fast-Feeder Tries to Comment on Hip-Hop. Why?

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What to say about this Taco Bell "music video" for its song "It's All About The Roosevelts"?

Clearly, this shudder-inducing parody of bling culture never needed a full-length video treatment or even really a 30-second treatment when you consider that this ship sunk a long time ago. But, cultural relevance aside, it's not even a little bit funny. As Maura over at Idolator points out, this genre belongs to Andy Samberg and Lonely Island, who aren't very relevant either but at least bring a few laffs here and there. This, on the other hand, is about as funny and relevant as "NYC Prep" and the Republican healthcare plan put together.

Most of the musical references here are pretty moldy too, from the aforementioned use of the spoken-word rap genre to the piano sample, which sounds quite a bit like the one Dr. Dre used in "Still Dre" ... in 2001. Which would have been a pretty good time for this really, with bling still kicking and a much smaller economic downturn in motion. Although it would still be far from a summer jam in any economic climate.

All of these factors say that this video will never go viral. And they really beg the question of why Taco Bell even needs to comment on hip-hop if real-life fans like Das Racist and all the drive-thru rappers are perfectly willing to step up to the plate in vastly more authentic ways.

Here's a children's treasury of some more Taco Bell hip-hop flops:

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