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Orchestral Works From Sony and Victoria Bitter Go Note-For-Note

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Just when the conclusion for Sony's Walkman teaser has arrived, so has an orchestral challenger from Australia.

But first, Fallon's Walkman spot: it's pretty disappointing. The tune leans heavily on the cute notes and cheats quite a bit with the premise -- watch the woman hit an arpeggio sample on her keyboard with one key! The best part is really the mammoth chord at the end, when all 128 pieces come together in one raucous blast of noise and the whole thing is over.

On the other end of the creativity spectrum, this new spot for Victoria Bitter beer (from George Patterson Y&R) would have made John Cage giggle. Apparently, VB's iconic theme song has been around for decades, but somehow no one ever thought to get members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria to play it on VB bottles!

It's gratifying to see the expansive smile on conductor/composer Cezary Skubiszewski's face when the piece concludes, because somehow he and his orchestra have managed to expertly play beer bottles as woodwinds, xylophones and cowbells. And somehow, maybe because the sound of air through glass is gorgeous or the musicians take the piece so seriously, it doesn't come off as a frothy gimmick.
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