Tic Tac Micha Turns Rattling Into Rhythm

Real or Not, 16-Year-Old Uzbek Street Performer Works Well

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Whether you think it's cute, quirky or irritatingly exoticist, you've probably never seen a brand sponsor a street performer who uses their product as an instrument. And, in this case, instruments.

Tic Tac Micha is a 16-year-old Uzbek who has transformed the boxed mints into a variety of percussive instruments, from a rattle drum to a self-playing cymbal to, you guessed it, a shaker. Thankfully, Ferrero has avoided the word "instumint" on his branded site, although the photo of him on the donkey and the heavily Eastern European voiceover is a bit much.

The Italian candy maker clearly re-did some or all of the sound on his Copenhagen street performance (above), but it's still pretty clever that they took the most annoying thing about their product -- a rattling noise in one's pocket -- and made it entertaining.

[Animal NY]

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