TMBG Scores Another Dunkin' Donuts Ad ... We Think

Pee Wee Hockey, Hot Chocolate Inspire Prolific Composers

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I've never been a big They Might Be Giants fan, but for some reason I've always loved their extracurricular projects -- did you know they did the theme song to "The Daily Show"!? I've always dug the Grammy-winning theme song from "Malcolm in the Middle," and the one from the short-lived TLC reality series "Resident Life" persuaded me to buy my first TMBG record a few years ago.
Clearly, they are the kind of disgustingly talented individuals who compose like normal people doodle in the margins of the phone book. Their willingness to write quickly and about nearly anything also just happens to make them ideal ad music composers. Over the years, they've done work with Chrysler, Coca-Cola, The Gap, Harman-Kardon, Play-Doh, Pizza Hut and Dr. Pepper, but one of their most lasting relationships has been with Dunkin' Donuts, who they've reportedly been working with since 2006.

DD's agency Hill Holiday won't confirm that TMBG is creating music for them, we haven't managed to get a hold of the band, and this recent spot for Milky Way hot chocolate doesn't have a musical credit, but if this isn't them, I'll cut my left ear off. Using the same kind of finely tuned goofball charm that made the "Malcolm" song so unforgettable, (what we're sure is) TMBG contributes a ridiculously catchy track about being cold while watching pee-wee hockey, and even the referee sings along.

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Full disclosure: I don't own stock, but I much prefer Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks, and my family has fetishized the brand to the point that my mom convinced our local franchisee to give her a promotional poster, which she hangs on the door of her office. I had more than one DD ornament on my tree this year and a gift card underneath it.

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