Travis Barker Opens Up a Can on Rockstar Beverages

Former Blink 182 Drummer Alleges Fraud

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The AP is reporting that former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker is suing the Rockstar energy drink company for allegedly using his photo on their website without his permission. Barker alleges the company traded on his "fame, likeness and personality" in order to "vex, annoy and injure" him. Thankfully, TMZ has a copy of the suit, if one is so inclined to wade through the legalese.
It looks like Rockstar has removed the offending photo, but thankfully The Wayback Machine is here to the rescue. Songs for Soap dug up a cached copy of the site from this past July, and one can see what the commotion is all about. The famous drummer -- who once played in The Aquabats and The Suicide Machines, nostalgic ska favorites for SFS -- is suing for unspecified damages. As of late, he's been quixotically remixing hip-hop tracks with live drums.

[Insert Barker-rap-Rockstar pun here]
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