Wasting Away One's Idle Time Like the 'American Idols'

'Guitar Hero' and 'Nintendogs' Ads From Last Night's Finale

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Last night's "American Idol" finale featured some sort of singing contest or something, but we're not really sure which of the nice grandsons won, because our DVR switched to "Top Chef" at 10 right as Ryan Seacrest announced, "The winner is David ..."

Seriously, this happened.

Anyway, we were more intrigued by the videogame commercials than all the turgid on-stage exhumations of aging rockers that filled up most of those lost two-hours last night. This first one had SFS jumping up and down on the couch screaming in agony as our favorite game franchise was defiled by a half-naked David Cook.

But we understand the motivation: Guitar Hero may seem a little too edgy for American families, and how scary is a weepy alt-rocker trapped in 1997!? Just in case we didn't get the point that "Guitar Hero" isn't just for college kids ditching their chemistry classes, David Archuleta shot an identical commercial that's even safer because he had the decency to cover his thighs with boxer shorts.

And finally, the most commercially successful Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, appeared in a new Nintendo ad for "Nintendogs" that broke earlier this week. It's strangely muted; she's relaxing in her tour bus and only utters "cool" and "cute" as she pets and washes her virtual dog on her DS portable console as her real dog looks on in a jealous rage. Thank you Nintendo, as if we needed another reason to neglect our pets.

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