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What the World Needs Now: Broken Social Scene in a Cadbury Commercial

Things May Be Gloomy, but Chocolate and Our Favorite Song May Dull the Pain

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It's Halloween, and all we've got to look forward to after tonight is seeing Tony Bennett plastered all over Bloomingdale's this Christmas while we trudge the aisles, pockets out-turned and knapsacks on sticks, dreaming of disposable income and fleeting joys from years past.

We just hope we'll have enough scratch for some riotously stiff eggnog so Tony doesn't get to have all the fun. That's about the best reassurance we can offer right now, but we do have this new Cadbury spot featuring our favorite Broken Social Scene song of all time, "Stars and Sons." It'll take you away to better times, when 20% of homeowners weren't in trouble and the GDP wasn't shrinking. You know, like a few months ago.
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