Writing 'Bumper-Sticker' Lines That Stick

Five for Fighting Speaks Plus Sponsor Pitch Gets Ready to Launch

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Couple items from the Ad Age wires that readers should be aware of:
  • Colleague and resident Ad Age music nerd Andrew Hampp spoke with Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik about the permutations of his song "World," including the recent inclusion in a Sears spot that we -- ahem -- weren't too kind about. With Ad Age, Mr. Ondrasik was friendlier yet just as candid. He told Andrew his songs gravitate toward what he calls "bumper-sticker lines" suitable for advertising: "I don't fish for these, and they have to be perfect for me to go along with it in terms of the concept, timing and use of the song."

  • Yours truly dug into a new open platform for creating sponsorship deals called Sponsor Pitch. (Sort of a fun writing exercise to avoid using the word "sponsor" in the same sentence as the name of the site for 800 words). It's free and promises to be very accessible for anyone looking to spend or receive money on sponsorships; finding and making these deals can be very chaotic, and, unless you're a big company, finding appropriate partners can be a messy business. If nothing else, with a little more buzz and plenty of nurturing on the social features, it could succeed as a networking venue for small-to-medium-sized music-brand partnerships, and may even encourage bands to arrange their own financing.
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