Even More of This Year's Best Ad Songs

10 More We Couldn't Fit In

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The season of "best of lists" is well upon us, and, for better or worse, Songs for Soap has joined in the festive spirit by compiling our own list of the year's best and "most questionable" ad songs. They were a tough set sto nail down, because there were lots of great and awful examples this year, but we're pretty satisfied with the results.

You can check out the lists -- which are not "officially" hierarchical from 1 - 10, btw -- that were featured in the magazine this week, but we also wanted to highlight some of the great songs that didn't make the cut. Here are 10 runners-up, in honest-to-goodness random order: We're not going to bother with the "most questionable" runners-up, because slagging off bad music is not as much fun for us. But apologies to the Sarah McLachlan fans who rightly pointed out that the "Ordinary Miracle" song in the list is, in fact, sung by a woman named Kathy Fisher. McLachlan sang the original, but a cover version was recorded for the CVS spot.
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